Wrestling Camp


The Southern Boone Wrestling Club is excited to welcome Mizzou Wrestlers Zach and Rocky Elam from Wrestling Central to host our summer wrestling camp. This year after Thursday’s practice we will have a sleepover at the YMCA. Campers will play games and have a movie night with friends. Food and drinks will be provided. 

Dates: July 14th & July 15th

Location: Southern Boone Middle School & 

                Southern Boone Area YMCA 

Fee: $60 Y-member; $80 Non-member

Deadline: July 1st 

Camp Schedule:

July 14th

3:30pm: Wrestler drop off at the Southern Boone Middle School

4:00pm: Training with the Elam brothers 

6:45 pm: Dinner at the YMCA (hamburgers/hotdogs)

8:00 pm: Lock in and Movie at the YMCA

10:00 pm: Lights out

July 15th

6:45 am: Wake up 

7:15 am: Breakfast (biscuits and gravy) 

8:00 am: Middle School for training with the Elam Brothers 

10:30 am: Parent pick up at the Middle School

*Your wrestler is not required to sleepover in order to attend camp. If your wrestler chooses to sleepover, they will need a towel, toothbrush, sleeping bag, pillow, wrestling shoes, workout clothing (two pair), and sleeping clothing. 

Wrestling must be 8 years and older to attend. Financial assistance is available if needed. For any questions please email sobowrestlingclub@gmail.com or mbaumchen@jcymca.org.

For more wrestling information or to register for wrestling tournaments please visit this the link below.