Meet the Coaches

Jake Eldredge – Running Club

“I was fortunate enough to be asked to help guide these youth. I ran limited track in middle school/high school but have always been an athlete and always willing to help someone improve. I began running as a form of weight loss about 3 years ago after my son was born but found out quickly that I really enjoyed the test of mental grit that came with each push for faster spits or longer distances. I have since averaged around 20+ miles a week. I would love for my children (Daughter 5, Son 3) to pick up on this “habit” of healthy self-competitive drive and the way volunteering your time makes you and the people around you feel.”

Melissa Pasley – Tumbling & Cheerleading 

“I coach tumbling for the YMCA. I grew up doing competitive gymnastics in Columbia and retired when I was in High School to become a cheerleader instead. After I graduated college I was looking for something to fill a void and began coaching beginner and competitive gymnastics in Columbia. I coached for several years while our daughter took classes and then left after the birth of our son. When our family moved to Ashland in 2015, I saw an immediate opportunity to be a part of the community and decided to reach out to the YMCA about starting a tumbling program. I currently coach youth tumbling, toddler tumbling, and cheerleading and hope to be able to offer more once the new facility is completed. I am married to my husband Jim and we have three children, Addyson, Andrew and Alecsander. I work full time during the day and most evenings you can find me running kids to practices and events. My favorite part of working for the YMCA and coaching is seeing the children learn something new. From their first class to the last, they always get better and I love seeing their determination and desire to do better. Children who are in my classes know that I don’t like the word “can’t.” When a student is having trouble with a task and they tell me they “can’t,” I try to remind them that they couldn’t walk as a newborn either and they learned to do that and that they should always try and do their best. Practice makes perfect. If you see me around, be sure to say hello. I love to talk and meet new friends!”

Steve Wilmoth – Wrestling

“I am one of the coaches for the YMCA Wrestling program, also known as the Southern Boone Wrestling Club.  I have around 12 years of wrestling experience between High School, College and Mixed Martial Art and am currently the District 7 representative to Missouri USA Wrestling.  I am married with three children, one son who is a member of the Southern Boone Wrestling Club. What I enjoy most about wrestling is that it builds self-esteem and installs a high work ethic in the athlete.  I love how wrestling is both a team and individual sport, and the fact anyone can do it.”