K9 Fundraiser


The dedicated professionals of the Ashland Police Department serve a population of approximately 5,000 citizens. The staff includes eleven sworn police officers (8 full-time & 3 part-time), and one civilian staff. Every member of the Ashland Police Department truly cares about the safety of our community and providing excellent customer service. The staff responds to the public safety needs of the community with the most effective measures available within our existing resources with the primary focus of ensuring the safety and well-being of our citizens and visitors.

In recent years the residential population has experienced explosive growth, driving more commercial development and a larger city footprint. As with any municipality, public safety is a priority, and APD is poised to deliver top-notch services.

As APD grows, the department will need specialty units to provide the breadth of services growing communities deserve and require.

As the criminal element attempts to capitalize on the growth of our city, we have identified several outstanding needs within our agency. Ashland Police Officers have seen a significant increase in felony arrest for dangerous crimes, many of which include taking dangerous drugs off our streets.

The addition of a K9 unit would greatly improve our ability to curb crime within the City of Ashland. A Police K9 can be used to locate contraband, track and apprehend suspects, conduct search and rescue, and provide a tool for community engagement.

* All donations will be made through Going To The Dogs. Going To The Dogs, a 501c3, focuses its efforts on generating donations and assisting law enforcement agencies from the acquisition of dogs to retirement and beyond. It is made up of a group of passionate citizens who gathered to start a grassroots organization that will help law enforcement agencies acquire, sustain and retire first responder K9s throughout the Midwest.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What extra responsibilities will the handler take on? The handler will be responsible for the following; Keeping the K9 and handler up to date on training, providing housing for the K9, caring for the wellbeing and hygiene of the K9, etc. The handler will be required to keep the K9 in their home when not on duty, ensure the K9 gets proper attention, and exercise on days the team is not scheduled to work. The handler will be required to sign a contract agreeing to a 7-year term of service with the K9 in order to be considered for the position. The position also requires the handler and K9 to be available for call outs when off duty.
  2. What happens if the handler is terminated? In the event the handler is terminated the K9 will remain in the custody of the Ashland Police Department. Based on the age of the K9 and the likelihood of re-assignment being successful and fiscally sound, the Chief of Police will make the decision to either re-assign the K9 or find a suitable placement for the K9 outside of the agency.
  3. What happens if the handler resigns? Based on the age of the K9 and the likelihood of re-assignment being successful and fiscally sound, the Chief of Police will make the decision to either re-assign the K9 or allow the handler to adopt the K9. Adoption will require the handler to pay a pro-rated cost of reimbursement to the Ashland Police Department.
  4. What happens if the K9 is injured and forced to retire early? In the event that a K9 is required the Chief of Police will have the discretion to find a suitable home for the K9.
  5. What happens to any left-over funds? Any remaining funds will remain in the designated 501c3 account as a reserve for unforeseen costs arising from the program.

For any other information regarding fundraising efforts for the K9, please contact Tom Whitener at (573) 657.9062 or twhitener@ashlandmo.us