Small Group Training


We are offering a way for you and your friends to excel in the gym together while working with a personal trainer. With our small group training, you will be able to team up with your close friends to push one another past your limits. One of our personal trainers will set up a plan that works for everyone to get the most out of your workout.

TIME: 60 minutes

GROUP SIZE: 2-5 People

PLACE: Southern Boone Area YMCA

COST:  Member – $45/Per Group Session 

            Non-member – $75/Per Group Session 

*If the group consists of both members and non-members rate will change for the non-member.

# of ParticipantsMember – $45/sessionNon-member – $75/session

Meet our Personal Training team

Colin Vaughan, Lead Trainer, ACE Certified Personal Trainer 

Fitness Philosophy: My goal is to help everyone find the fun in exercise. By working together and using progressive training principles, I hope to help everyone accomplish their fitness goals.

Derek Mordica, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Fitness Philosophy: I believe everyone should feel comfortable in the gym. My job is to provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to build confidence and determination so that you can achieve your fitness goals!

Dylan Newcomer, NSCA Certified Personal Trainer

Fitness Philosophy: “Methods are many, principals are few. Methods always change, principles ever do.” In my eyes, everyone is an athlete in the sport that is life and I strive to optimize performance for people of all ages and abilities. Through these guiding principals, we will work together to help you move better, feel stronger, achieve your goals and enjoy all of what life has to offer. 

Lawren Mordica, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

Fitness Philosophy: An active, healthy lifestyle makes for a happier, healthier life. I want to help you feel good on both the inside an outside by giving you the knowledge and encouragement to build a healthy life. Fitness can be fun and doesn’t have to feel like a chore!

Victoria Hoover, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Fitness Philosophy: Everyone’s goals, body, and experiences are unique. As a personal trainer my goal is to take every individual’s life story and create a healthy, well-developed exercise program that can be used with daily guidance to achieve their goals.