Healthy Hometown Kids



The Southern Boone Area YMCA and Southern Boone School District are excited to collaborate together to offer a youth development program for your 7th and 8th grade students. The Healthy Hometown Kids program was designed to educate youth on the importance of physical activity and safety in exercise. The data collected throughout the program will further help the YMCA develop better youth programs for kids to prosper in the areas of health and wellness. The data being collected from the program includes overall weight, demographic information and mental health screenings. Students’ information will remain anonymous.

The YMCA will provide three services for the students. First, YMCA personal trainers will provide an exercise class during PE which will focus on fundamental movements and injury prevention. Second, we will offer a program for students during their early dismissal time on Wednesdays which will include fun, structured activities in the new YMCA turf room. Third, we are giving each 7th and 8th grade student a FREE membership to the YMCA. We will conduct a mental health screening of each student at the beginning and end of the program in collaboration with Boone County Schools Mental Health Coalition.

The funding for this program is provided by the Boone County Children’s Services Fund.