Active Military and Veteran Memberships

Must provide a current military ID with a valid expiration date or a valid driver’s license with a “Veteran” designation.

Membership Discount

As a part of the Y’s focus on Social Responsibility and in support of active military personnel and veterans and the sacrifices they make for our country and time away from their families, the YMCA offers a 10% discount on monthly membership fees.

New members are required to provide their military ID or a valid driver’s license with a “Veteran” designation in order to receive the discounted rate.
Half Price Day Pass Fees
Half price day passes are provided to active military personnel. An active military ID must be presented in order to receive this benefit.

Active Duty Discount

Should a spouse be called to active military duty outside the local area, his/her family shall be allowed to participate in the YMCA membership at the same rate of the Single Parent Family pending the spouse’s return. Upon return, spouse may apply for membership with the “Y”.  Payment at the full Family rate will be pro-rated to the existing expiration date.

Should a member in good standing be called out of the area for military service, a hold will be placed on the account upon request for the duration, if provided a copy of military orders.

For more information, call 573.657.9622